Kevin HARRINGTON supports us as an advisor

and financial supporter

MAY 2017


As Kevin is an expert in identifying the potential of a product, this means a lot to us and is a great recognition for the product we have to offer as well as a great acknowledgment of the credibility of our team!


This is an important stepping stone for us and will boost the production of the commercial platform and the roll out thereafter, which we expect by mid-2017!


Watch on “Kevin Harrington Official” Kevin Harrington New Sizzle:

On March 21st 2017, we had an amazing encounter with Kevin Harrington in his hometown St.Petersburg in Florida. Kevin is the inventor of the infomercial and original shark in the TV show The Shark Tank, an investor platform for startups. He is so convinced of our Global 1iD product that he decided to support us financially and to be our first advisor! He sees the value in that we are addressing a problem that each of us are facing in our daily lives, and understands the importance of the solution we bring to both the individual and the companies!


Board of Advisors

During this second Quarter 2017, we are finalizing our Board of Advisors, of which the first one is Kevin Harrington as mentioned in above update, and other candidates will join us with their expertise to cover each area of the business, financial, legal, IT, sales and marketing…more to come in our next Newsletter update.


Investors still welcome

For those of you who are interested in financially joining our successful take-off of 1iD and benefit together with us in the success of 1iD, we welcome your interest and are offering attractive participation deals, either via shares in the company or convertible bonds. For more details please contact us via the website link.


First clients lining up

The day after finishing the prototype/Version 1.0, our first meeting took place with a potential 1iD customer.



In collaboration with our first customer (company) we will now pre-upload 1.000



In the past months, we went on the road with the working prototype to test out the market. We did 5 sales pitches and were 100% successful in convincing our audience of the value of the tool! This is a huge success at such an early stage!

We are now encouraged to finalize the commercial platform and to roll it out to the

benefit of our customer community.


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After spending of a lot of time doing market analyses and preparing our 1iD concept, we have started to build a prototype.


Before starting the prototype we had to make a decision whether to make just a prototype for demo purposes or to work out a first version showing less features but which is working and ready to use and grow.


Our decision was to do it right the first time!


You want to see it yourself? Request a prototype test user here


Our version 1.0 is made without any hard-coding and easy to accelerate using our own screen builder and translation tool (incl auto-translate).


Personal Data



  • Work Experience
  • Projects
  • Education
  • Languages
  • Interests
  • Qualifications
  • References
  • 5 versions can be made


Resume Generator:

Based on your Personal and Biography Data and using placeholders you can generate any template you want.


Reading List:

Browser Extension to save links



Inviting people

connecting with people

sharing data


Create & connect to Companies:

Initial prototype version



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